What we need actually in life?

We all have a lot of dreams which we wanted to fulfill in our life and I think dreams give a reason to live a life. But when we are focusing on achieving our dreams so we neglect a lot of things in our life like family, friends, and relatives or so on. 

People wanted a lot of success in a short period of time. But when they start their journey they realize the success path is too long and if they continue they miss a lot of things. In this discussion, we know that what is more important in our life its success (you say materialistic things) or happiness and love.

The question is quite critical because some people say if we achieve success we get all things that we wanted or some people say money can’t buy happiness or love.

So the arguments of both sides are correct they have different views on a particular thing. But I think there is no guarantee of your happiness if you achieve success.

Why it is that because success or happiness both are totally different. I give one example –

  1. A village boy is happy but not successful. 
  2. A businessman is successful but not happy.

So, Village boy has a limited desire in his life and he always enjoys what he has. But Businessman (Successful people) has an unlimited desire in his life and he never enjoys what he has. He always struggles for more and more that’s why he never has time to enjoy. So, Success is important for our life. But I think happiness is more important because when we happy then our mind also works well. But when we are not happy then our mind get puzzled in so many things and work capacity is also decreased.

We have to manage both things accurately if we wanted a successful and happy life. Life is all about what we do in our journey between life to death and the journey of life decided that you are successful or you are unsuccessful or you are happy or not.

We have to give some time to ourselves so we know that what we actually need. If you know that what you actually need then you able to fulfill all your dreams and you get also happiness when you fulfill your dreams.

Happiness + Achievements = Perfect Life

We all wanted a perfect life but we never had a perfect life because we never understand the true concept of life.  In our life, the major role plays happiness if we are happy we able to achieve everything in our life or we are not happy so we are not able to achieve a single thing.

Always remember you have limited time and in the limited time you decide what you have to do because you never get back your life. Decisions of yours decide your future, your success, and your happiness so always think about your decision.

I am sure if you live for your happiness you never face failure in your life. Because when doing those things which give us happiness so we give our 100% in that work.

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