How to overcome the anxiety of the Covid-19 pandemic during pregnancy?

Have you not find it magical? One soul conditionally give birth to one new soul! Yes, we going to talk about pregnancy.

Have you ever seen that any person helps any pregnant lady?

You can find out many incidents when any strange person man/women (even teenager) help a pregnant lady. I think all of them being thankful for helping the pregnant lady. Because all of them have some attachment like one new soul will come to this world and they found it pleasurable. Being a mother is an unforgettable experience for any woman. Even this is the only miracle of nature.

However, this is the normal scene. Now if we think about today’s pandemic(Covid-19), you will found if harsh than before. I found countless incidents when pregnant ladies do not get proper medical help while they are in labor pain. And what has resulted? DEATH!!!

Truth be told! But this is the condition of today’s world. It is found equally life-changing, and anatomical event for a woman. When it comes to normal people many countries found different ways like self-quarantine, social distancing, contact tracing, etc. but what about pregnant ladies?!!!

Bulks of psychologists suggest that women must have to be happy during pregnancy. Nowadays majorities of expectant mothers live in a fearful environment. It finds it difficult for staying home constantly and practicing physical distancing when going outside. All in all, they are more worried about her child.

So, without concentrating on the pandemic, there are numerous methods you can do and enjoy this amazing phase of your life while taking care of your physical as well as mental health.

Re-arrangement and re-checking

No one wants to take a risk when it comes to pregnancy. Majorities are of us pre-planned about an infant in our life. From the hospital, they will go for a checkup to the clothes for their upcoming child. But, as we all know that, the future is full of unpredictable and unplanned. You need not worry about anything, you just need to re-arrange all your planning and things rather than worried about the future. When you concentrate on the possibility you get new ways which fulfill your requirements. Like, it is hard to get a doctor’s appointment personally, but you can get checked virtually. When its time for labor pain must check the availability of gynecologists twice.

Avoid overexposure of NEWS and MEDIA

Get well informed is a good thing, but constantly overexposure of the news creates a problem for us. There is countless news channel available. Every news channel just focuses on TRPs. In this epidemic era, they got major concentrated news (Corona Virus). Majorities of news channels constantly show up news regarding Covid-19 so, without giving attention to it. You can divert your mind through spending your quality time with you dear one. You can also do some exercise, story-telling, or watching any series online.

Rather than worrying about your child and his future just remember that, “Nothing is permanent in this world, as well as this epidemic.” You can put your all to focus on what matters most right now for your family.

Social distancing as well as connectivity

We can’t ignore precaution which we must take during this epidemic. Pregnant women also have to maintain social distance and out exposure because it causes harmful for baby as well as for his mother. Especially there is no solution to this disease. So I wisely advised pregnant ladies to obey the government guideline.
On the other hand, during this phase, a woman needs much connectivity with his loved ones. Technology becomes boon for everyone, we can easily engage with our friends and family virtually.

There are many other ways to divert our minds like social media, start a hobby, YouTube channel, learn new skills, etc.
Stay healthy, stay fit!

So, you understand – How to overcome the anxiety of the Covid-19 pandemic during pregnancy?

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