How to live a long life without disease in just 2 min :

You can easily live a long happy life by using a healthy lifestyle. But the problem is that we cannot follow healthy choices too longer. We cannot bear a daily dose of exercise and salads. Our body resists to wake up at dawn and when we see any fast food. Our mouth has watering when we see our favorite dishes. But on the other side, our effort to neglect all the unhealthy eating and daily exercise routine pay off in many ways, after our young age.

Here we are with the least steps you must have to do if you choose health for you. Not for too much time, but for at least 30 minutes exercise in a day is enough for you. If you can’t even manage it then break it into three parts. And just make one rule that I will have to do 10-minute exercise when I wake up, and at the time before lunch and 10 minutes before I go to sleep.

How to live a long life without disease in just 2 min

By breaking 30 minutes into three parts you can easily tame your mind that it is just about 10 minutes!. These 10 minutes you can walk, sports, dancing, yoga, running or any other activity you enjoy.

There is no extra window when it comes to food. Thou must have to give up your unhealthy food like burger, pasta, pizza, heavy calorie food. You can replace it with fruits, vegetables, and whole grain. You must choose diets that have low saturated fat and cholesterol, low in sugar and salt. Also, have low total fat. You only eat fast food when you don’t have an option like you to go to the countryside or far from the home town.

To well manage your body or protect against injury you must wear a helmet while riding two-wheelers. Or seatbelt while you drive a car. Also, you have to equip your home with smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Be alert when you travel alone and use safety precautions at all times.

If you are used to smoking, quit it now. Ask your family doctor for help to get rid of smoking. It is overall destroying you physically, mentally as well as wealthy. Tobacco Education Center provided by the UCSF, where smoking cessation and relapse prevention classes held for persons who seriously determine his self to quit.

If you addicted to alcohol, they must give up on it. And if you cannot do it instantly then moderate it for a while, and when you control it for a year, then reduce your intake of liquor, and after some time there will time come where you give up it totally.

You can ask your friends or family member or your spouse to help you. If you think you might be addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Are you a bachelor? Have you frequently sexual activity? with many people? If you gave multi-person sexual relationship then you must prevent sexually transmitted infections by using condoms every time you have sexual activity. Condoms, pills, implants are the best defector of HIV/AIDS by using it. But, I recon to must use a condom rather than pills or implants.
One most avoidable thing is teeth. You should teeth your brush. Have to choose a soft or medium bristled toothbrush. Make a habit to brush before and after going to bed. Most use dental floss daily.

Avoid sunburn by stay out of the sun, between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. because between these times the amount of ultraviolet light is much higher than usual. Even in the cloudy season, you can’t escape from it. Because the ultraviolet rays pass through cloud and water. Also, you can use sunscreen to protect against UVA and UVB rays. Use sunglasses the resist 99 to 100 percent rays.

Maintaining a Healthy Outlook

Among work, family, and other matters nowadays the life of women become too busy and stressful life. However, as a woman, you can also manage all this with management. Also learning these balances in our life is a win-win situation for a healthy outlook and better health.

There is some step you can take to maintain it:

Stay in touch with family, friends. Try to involve in people gathering, or in any festival to take a small leave from your regular life. It makes you refresh and energetic. Believe in yourself. Try to arm’s distance from negative people or people who de-motivate you. Do things that make you happy. Don’t kill your curiosity. Rather than follow lifelong learning which plays a pivotal role in your health.

Healthy intimacy takes all forms bit is always free of coercion. Avoid stress using sign you have like, trouble sleeping, frequent headaches and stomach problem, being angry a lot, or turning to food, being drug-addicted are the sign that you are in stress. Avoid it by understanding your self. Your inner power. Your will-power.

Exercise and healthy eating are good things to cope with stress. You can do relaxing exercise, deep breathing, meditation, yoga, etc. talk with your trustiest family member or with your best friend about your problem, and find it helpful to share your feeling. If you are a woman those communities that help women make a big difference in your life.

Do not escape your sleeping time and period. At least you must sleep 7 hours a night. Avoid late-night parties. Make co-operation with nature. Your biological cycle. Adults almost need 8 hours of sleep at night. If you have done some physical works, which you don’t do every day, then it is a possibility to sleep more than regular on that day. It is normal.

Have you felt depressed? Have your signs of depression-like, feeling empty and sad, loss of interest in life, or are your thoughts of death? Go to your care provider. The feeling of depression is not permanent. Depression is a treatable illness. It catches you if, you think too much negatively in all manner. So, get help instantly. Call 911, or a local crisis center or (800) SUICIDE.

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