Cancer: Origin, Cause, Symptoms & Treatment

Cancer: Origin, Cause, Symptoms & Treatment – Cancer is characterized by an uncontrolled proliferation of cells. In some cases the rate is fast;  in others, the rate is slow; but in all types of cancers, the cells never stop dividing. These cells develop mainly due to the transformation of normal cells in which the normal process of growth is changed.

Important features of cancer

 Cancer: Origin Cause Symptoms & Treatment РA cancer cell is immortalized that is they show an infinite growth. Cancer cells are clones. No matter how many trillions of cells are present at the concert. They are all descended from a single ancestral cell. Cancer cells at some stage show metastasis. That is the ability to migrate from one place to another. Cancer begins as a primary tumor. At some point, cells break away from the primary tumor and start traveling to other places with blood and lymph.  Such cells developed cancer growth in other locations of the body also metastasis is what usually kills the patient.

Origins of cancer

Cell division is the physiological process that occurs in almost all tissues under different circumstances. Normally the balance between proliferation and death of the cells is tightly regulated to ensure the normal functioning of organs and tissues. The uncontrolled and option Rapid proliferation of cells can lead to either a benign tumor or malignant tumor. A benign tumor does not spread to other parts of the body. Invite other tissues and are really a threat to life unless they extrinsically compress vital structures. Malignant tumors can invite other organs is fit to distant locations and become life-threatening.

Causes of cancer

Cancer is caused by anything that time it is DNA that is anything that is mutagenic. Radiation that can penetrate to the nuclear and interact with DNA.  Makers that can penetrate to the nucleus and damaged DNA.  Chemicals that cause cancer are called ka carcinogens.  Anything that stimulates the rate of mitosis is because a cell is most susceptible to mutations. When it is replicating its DNA  during the S phase of the cell cycle.

Signs and symptoms of cancer

Unusable lumps or swelling bleeding pain And ulcer.  The compression of surrounding tissues may cause symptoms such as jaundice.  Enlarged lymph nodes cough and bone pain fracture of affected bones. And neurological symptoms all advanced cancer may cause pain it is usually not the first symptom. Weight loss poor appetite and excessive sweating. And aim and specific conditions that are due to active cancer such as hormonal changes.  Biopsy in the histological examination of the suspected cell by a  pathologist. Tissue can be obtained from surgery.

Treatment of cancer

Cancer can be treated with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy. immunotherapy, monoclonal antibody therapy, etc.  The choice of therapy depends upon the location and grade of the tumor. And the stage of the disease as well as the physical condition of the patient.  

Complete removal of cancer without damage to the rest of the body is a goal of treatment. Sometimes this can be accomplished by surgery. but the property of cancer cells to in weight at this tissue or to spread too distant sides can limit its effectiveness. The effectiveness of chemotherapy is limited by toxicity to other tissues body radiation can also be called damage to the normal tissue. 

Due to these factors and limitations, treatment and its complete removal are possible only in the early stage of the disease that is before the metastasis. In advanced stages still are there trying hard to save the life of the patient.

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